Why Enterprise Solutions is Important in The Banking Industry

Enterprise software is computer software, which is used to meet the needs of an organization, instead of individual users. These organizations include banks, schools, clubs, charities and governments among others. This software is an integral part of an information system. Enterprise solutions play an important role in the banking industry. They promote customer service and help banks to maintain awareness of operations as well as save costs.
Enterprise solutions also enable banks to offer more accurate and timely information. One goal of these solutions is to increase efficiency. This in turn improves the relationship banks have with customers and increases profitability.
Finacus has created enterprise solutions, which are useful for the banking industry. Our solutions enable banks to disseminate and recover important formation, optimize the utilization of resources and meet regulatory compliance. In addition, these solutions enhance customer experience, improve risk management and reduce expenses. Our products are designed to meet the broad demands of the banking industry and comply with the best practices.
One of the enterprise solutions that we offer is FinCORE. This is a modular and browser based core banking system that is designed to resolve the challenges that financial institutions face on a daily basis. It is a highly flexible solution for corporate and retail banking institutions and it can integrate easily with third party products. The application modules in this core baking solution have a set of application specific parameters that can be personalized or modified easily in order to develop new products.
Another enterprise solution we offer is FinAMLOR. It is a comprehensive anti money laundering software solution. It enables financial institutions to use a risk based approach when it comes to monitoring customer behavior for suspicious financial activities through automated processes. FinAMLOR also supports the best practices of the banking industry for reviewing and monitoring. This provides financial institutions with a reliable way of protecting their business reputation. It offers a great combination of anti money laundering, anti fraud and business intelligence utilities.
We also offer a loan originating system known as FinLUNA. It assists banks with excellent support when it comes to creating flawless documentation. It also assists banks to deliver effective and prompt support to their customers. FinLUNA caters to both the commercial and retail lending scenario, automating all the stages of loan management, origination and repayment tracking. This solution facilitates document management with a provision for scanning documents and attaching them to individual application. FinLUNA is able to support many different products over a network of various associates and branches of lending institutions.
Finacus also offers an enterprise solution known as FinLEGAL. This is a legal recovery system that solves the problem of following up on and monitoring nonperforming assets. This solution is automated, browser based and work flow driven. It enables scheduled alerts via email or SMS by using advanced technology. The emphasis of this product is monitoring and following up on loan accounts to make sure that there is timely action on the part of the borrowers. It gives warning signals to prevent loans from turning into non performing assets. This solution can also initiate legal action. With the enterprise solutions we offer, financial institutions can streamline their processes.

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