Two Factor Authentication Helps To Keep Hackers at Bay

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As everything has become online nowadays, security is the most crucial factor to protect the data. With data online, the prevalence of digital crimes, identity theft, and security breaches has become more common. The importance of two-factor authentication to prevent increasing crimes is beyond comparison to any other measure of security. Most digital fraudulent activity and breaches are incorporated with password theft. This is where the two-factor authentication enters the scenario. The 2FA acts as an extra layer of security to protect your account and data online. You might have heard of 2FA solutions and might have turned a blind eye to it. Here is why two-factor authentications are important to keep hackers at bay.

The definition of Two-factor authentication

Two-Factor Authentication is a method of security that conceals the accounts online. Accounts with 2FA have two forms of identification to access it. The two-step verification blends your password and username of the phone and a security key such as your fingerprint or passcode. Normally, when you login into your account online, the site will ask for your username or password. This, where only the password is used is known as one-step verification. However, with two-step verification, your security gets upgraded and provides increased protection.
The first step of verification is your username and password. The second step of 2FA is the site will forward a text to your mobile with a six-digit code or a four-digit code. This four or six-digit code is known as an authenticator or a passcode code that has to be entered.

Why do you need two-factor authentication?

The days when you blindly trusted your password to protect your account are long gone. The breach can happen in the way you least imagined and let the way not be a password breach. The hackers can easily crack a password or anyone can easily memorize the password and use it to steal your data online. Your password can also be susceptible to various attack methods like credential stuffing and brute force. By installing two-factor authentication services you can prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands.

How 2FA benefit you?

  • Protection against phishing email
  • Enhanced security
  • Boost productivity with mobility
  • Protect against fraud
  • Lower help desk costs
  • Reduces security management costs

MultiFactor Authentication

The experts of Finacus have come up with the best solution to protect accounts and data online from hackers. The software is based on two factors
  • The knowledge factor which only the user knows
  • The possession factor which only the user has.
With our 2FA solution, you can minimize losses faced by financial institutions in terms of money and trust.

Notable features of Finacus MultiFactor Authentication system

  • Easy integration and installation
  • Strong Authentication methods to prevent Identity Theft and other activities
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Comes with integration plugins
  • Multiple Form Factors
  • Encryption and Privacy
  • Simple Administration
  • Efficient Integration with Risk-Based Transaction Algorithm
  • Competitive Costs

The authentication methods

There are various authentications available with the software which are as follows
  • OneTouch 2FA or PUSH Notifications
  • Soft Token
  • USB Based Token
  • Hard Token

Bottom line

The 2FA is a crucial protective layer to keep the hackers at bay. If your account is open to external threats then it is time for you to consider 2FA service from Finacus after a demo.

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