Switching Services

Transaction routing services to manage and control Electronic Fund Transfers (EFTs)

Switching Services

In an omnichannel environment customers like to communicate through the platform of their choice. FinConnect provides Financial Transaction Switching Solution which is a transaction routing engine for banks/institutions to drive their ATM, POS and Ecommerce delivery channels.

FinConnect provides easy to use, manage and control routing solution which can be customized as per the desired capacity & throughput. It facilitates Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) in a cost-effective, flexible and efficient manner. High configurability and flexibility helps to develop and implement new and innovative products to keep pace in the competitive space of payment industry. FinCONNECT provides an interface to NFS of NPCI which enables domestic banks to be on a network of 2 lac + ATMs in the country.

ATMs have evolved as a popular self-service channel chosen by the customers due to convenience of extended hours availability and transacting in a secure branch-like environment. And Micro-ATMs extends the reach to the unbanked and underbanked individuals and brings financial inclusion.


‘Odisha State Co-op Bank's' Bank on Wheels, Odisha, India-Case Study

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Mobility today affects every step of the shopping experience and touches every part of the value chain. E-Wallets, EMV ready POS, Tablet POS, and m-POS are trending payment solutions that the consumer expects to be part of the financial services package. With large number of businesses going online, E-commerce & M-commerce are showing triple digit growth year on year and has impeccable impact on payments.


  • Open Architecture
    Architecture is open, flexible and dynamic in nature and can be easily integrated with third party module/application.
  • Scalability
    The system has horizontal, vertical and linear scalability without inherent bottle necks and core design changes.
  • Industry Standards Compliance
    The application supports established industry standards like ISO 8583, PA DSS, PCI DSS and IPv6. All the communication in our system happen through secure channels like https and XML.
  • Modular Structure
    The solution is modular for facilitating easy configuration and future development of the product.


  • ATM/POS/ECom controller
  • Pin Management Module
  • Online Monitoring & Configuration
  • Biometric Authentication of customer
  • Interfaces to international and domestic networks, card schemes, processors, host systems and interchanges.