A fully automated functionality to match and process unstructured transactional data
with reports and dispute management support.


  • A simple, quick and automated functionality to improve accuracy of processing the financial transactions through all types of delivery channels (like ATM, POS, Ecommerce, Mobile Banking etc.)
  • Matching and processing unstructured data retrieved from delivery channels, switches, interchanges and internal systems of bank/institution.


  • Centralized reconciliation
    A centralized reconciliation for all financial transactions giving a single view to the bank/institution.
  • Multi-institution and Multi-level
    Supports multiple international and domestic networks in multiple formats.
  • Fully Automated
    Facilitates fast-paced, reliable process with near zero discrepancies.
  • Alerts
    Immediate alerts to appropriate authority in case link goes down which helps in retaining nearly uninterrupted service to customers.
  • Suspected logs
    Reports on failed disbursements, erroneous account debits or any such discrepancies are availed for checking and settlement.
  • Reports
    Easy extraction of reports on cash replenishment, individual ATM transactions, individual network transactions, etc.
  • Dispute Management Support
    Suggestions on applicable actions that can be taken on disputed transactions as per pre-programmed norms.
  • Integration of additional services
    Provision of integrating services like auto-debit of card/service charges from the customer accounts, etc.
  • Saving in manpower cost and time
  • More Reliability and Efficiency
  • Faster resolution of mismatched transactions
  • Single Solution for ALL reconciliation needs of Payment Systems at the Bank/institution.
  • Consistent support by our expert team.