What brings business in limelight, is how different you are..! It’s all about bringing a new product to your kitty. With the innovation in technology, Pelorus shifts the traditional way of integrating multifactor authentication by providing it on protocol level. Pelorus breaks the thick ice of insecurity in different business aspects by introducing 2FA (two factor authentication) Technology ‘Authshield’ which can be integrated in any and every software.
So what is it that you understand by 2FA? Is it only the OTP (one time password) that you receive on your phone or is it much complex than that? Pelorus redefines the complexity of 2FA. This new technology is an additional layer of security provided on a user level. It is a combination of two checks, as the name itself suggests, and could be any one of these- something which you know, something which you possess, and something the user is..!
Having knowledge is half the battle but other half is about how we implement it. So let’s talk about the implementation of 2FA on protocol level. The patented part of protocol Decoding Engine is placed between the system and the server thereby helping to authenticate every user in any and every application. Eliminating the dependence on source code and thereby giving an inherent support to any and every software. Unlike our traditional way of making the Second factor of authentication in application level depending on Source code. This has allowed the integration of 2FA in different applications as in SAP and different cloud based services.
We are one of few Indian companies to develop multifactor authentication which is OATH certified (Open Source Authentication Certificate). Our multifactor authentication software is an authentication platform which can be integrated with any platform like applications, database, mails, client logins, etc etc……… We have also provided a mapping feature which enables the user to map the devices for his authentication, and if some new device is used to login through our platform- a dialog box/prompt is popped up asking for confirmation, hence providing a layer of security. The second factor of authentication could be any of the following- OTP (one time password), One Touch Confirmation, and Facial Biometrics. One Touch Confirmation removes the laborious time consuming process of re-entering the 6- digit password by a simple click saying confirm or deny. Facial Biometrics is upto 97.1% accurate where the user’s face gets scanned and bypasses the OTP method to grant access to the user. Facial Biometric is so designed to detect the difference between a photo and a real person and it will grant access to only the user, thus making it secure. These features helps the user customize his authentication settings, giving them a good user experience.
AuthShield Multifactor Authentication is easy to use, secure, and customizable too. It is a very promising product and will find much usage in the near future based on the upcoming events like PM Modi’s ‘Jan Dhan Yojna’ where more than 750,000 new bank accounts are estimated by the end of 2016 and they are going to need multiple security layers for access to account details and for making transactions. AuthShield MultiFactor Authentication gives you a sense of safety while handling any personal data digitally.

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