Anytime, Anywhere Banking Services

Mobile Banking Solution

With the introduction of smartphones a few years ago, the world has seen an increased acceptance of mobile phones as a default mode of communication and service delivery channel. Banking being an important and time-consuming activity in a customer’s life, this shift to mobile based banking services has been welcomed like never before. Finacus help Banks to leverage this consumer behavior and develop innovative solutions that bring customer delight while still being in the purview of regulatory framework.

Finacus offers a complete mobile banking solution. When coupled with FinMOBICONNECT, which is our mobile payment transaction switch, it provides an interoperable infrastructure for banks to offer real-time money transfers to customers through the mobile banking channel. It makes sending and receiving money instantaneous, accessible, usable and transferable. The banks can provide a host of other services – Account related services like Balance Enquiry, Mini Statement, Generate OTP, Change OTP; Location based services like ATM Locator, Branch Locator and Card related services like Debit/Credit Card Request, Block & Replace Requests, which can enhance the overall banking experience of a customer.


Benefits of our Mobile Banking System :

Customer Engagement

Mobile is a highly personal device. Hence, mobile banking gives banks an opportunity to let customers personalize their banking services and helps customers to constantly stay in touch with their bank. With smartphones into the limelight, a lot can be done by an enriched user interface, location-based services, contactless technologies, etc.

Easy, Convenient, Secure

Banking on a click or a tap to execute some of the tasks like bill payments, statement generation, opening/closing an OD, etc. can save a lot of time and efforts of the customer. While ease and convenience are the luring factors, security is the deciding factor.

Anywhere, Anytime

Banking on the move is now the new mantra. There has been a shift in the way customers want to perform banking transactions. Waiting in a queue to perform basic banking transaction are days gone by and customers expect banks to provide prompt and swift service on the go. Mobile Banking Services enable quick and time saving banking services available to customers 24/7, eliminating the dependency on bank’s working hours, thus resulting in a delightful customer experience.

How our Mobile Banking solution helps

  • The Finacus’ Mobile Banking Solution is an application which, when installed on a bank customer’s smartphone, can be used by the customer to perform basic banking transactions remotely.
  • The ability to check balance, pay for products & services, transfer money to another account are just some of the few things that can be made possible with mobile banking.
  • Mobile Banking improves service delivery as well as offers banking services to a bank’s customers anywhere and at any time.
  • Mobile Banking takes advantage of wireless technologies to optimize the banking sector.
  • The rise in telecom technologies and better smartphone devices has improved user experience and maximized internet usage to deliver more robust services to the customer.