Internet Banking- Banking Services at Your Fingertips

Internet Banking has literally made life easier by facilitating anytime, anywhere banking on the click of a button. Now, you have all banking services at your fingertips. Whether you need to withdraw cash, transfer funds, deposit cheques, generate bank statements, open fixed deposits, or pay insurance premiums, you can avail all banking services from the comfort of your office or home. Banking services are accessible online at any time from anywhere. Here is a list of banking services facilitated by internet banking solutions:

Easy Bill Payment

Currently, most of the financial institutions have tie-ups with utility companies and service providers. For this reason, you can easily pay your electricity and telephone bills online through your credit/debit cards. Further, you can automatically pay your recurring bills through your bank account. Now, you do not have to miss out on a bill payment due to a shortage of time. You can easily pay your bills with internet banking without any additional charges.
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Instant Funds Transfer

With internet banking, you can instantly transfer funds to another account in the same or different bank. You can send instant money almost anywhere in India. All you need to do is to login into your account and add payee details regarding account number, bank, and branch. While money transfer through traditional method takes around three to four working days, money transfer through internet banking is executed with 24 hours.

Credit Card Management

You can effectively manage your credit cards with Internet banking. You can pay your credit card bills online and also apply for a loan on your credit card. Furthermore, you can request an increase in your credit line or apply for an additional card. In case you lose a credit card, you can instantly report about the lost card online.

Investment Management

Now you can easily open a fixed deposit account or FD using internet banking facilities. You can use an interlinked Demat account for trading in the stock market. You can directly purchase mutual funds through the online banking system. Manage all your investment with internet banking on the click of a button.

Mobile Phone Recharge

Is your phone balance running out? No need to rush to your nearby vendor for prepaid phone recharge. Simply login into your internet banking and top-up your balance with prepaid mobile cards. Select your operator’s name, enter your mobile number and select the recharge amount and get your phone back to working within a few minutes.

Easy Shopping At The Comfort Of Your Home

Leading financial institutions have tie-ups with maximum shopping websites. You can shop online, purchase all kinds of products, and conveniently make the payment through internet banking. Furthermore, you can purchase the railway and air tickets using internet banking facilities.

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