How Does WhatsApp Banking Work?

WhatsApp or WhatsApp Messenger is widely used as an instant messaging service (IM- it is a cross_ platform centralized instant messaging)
It is an American freeware and voice-over service. It is maintained by Facebook, Inc. This widespread WhatsApp service enables the users to exchange text messages, video calls, voice notes, voice calls. Alongside sharing images, videos, documents, locations, and other services too. The WhatsApp application works not only on mobile phones but is also convenient to use on desktop computers.
Online Mobile Banking Software Services
WhatsApp upgraded its services to the next level. It is not only a software application anymore. It not only enables the users to chat, share documents, pictures, and videos. But also formed a partnership with banks to settle down the queries on a real-time purpose as an online bank software.
Formerly WhatsApp has accelerated its services in banking and transactional services throughout India. They allied with the Government of Delhi and the National Payments Corporation of India. Several banks formed their partnership with the WhatsApp services. They united their services with WhatsApp e-banking to facilitate better banking services in India. However, banks have boosted their banking services not only through WhatsApp but also on many other social media platforms.
WhatsApp banking is protected with end-to-end encryption as all the messages are secured in the same way through end-to-end encryption. Eventually, your account details are not shared with any individual. There is no need to input your confidential data such as PIN or password while using WhatsApp banking service or messages. As it does not offer transaction facilities.
WhatsApp banking services are extended by following banks like Private banks, Small Finance Bank, Leading Co Operative Bank, etc. This online bank software assists the customers to receive their updates and available services via the messaging platform.
Finacus Solution Pvt. Ltd. (FSPL) initiates the WhatsApp Banking Assistant. Through FSPL several banks or financial institutions can eliminate many drawbacks that are faced head-on by the banks or financial institutions with their customers due to lack of communication. Finacus’ solution characterizes itself with the innovative banking channel that connects the customers to the bank. They can communicate and expand digital financial services to a broader community of users.

Advantages of WhatsApp Services:

  • The Finacus Solution Pvt. Ltd. (FSPL) WhatsApp Banking is an End-to-End encryption solution
  • It sends notifications, information, and proposed Communication to customers. 
  • Finacus Solution Pvt. Ltd. (FSPL) WhatsApp Banking provides 24×7 service for their customers.
  • It also provides a keyboard-based auto-response
  • Intelligent conversation
They provide an in-build automated two-way messaging service to the customer. They provide the customer with a communication facility.
  • They provide maximum flexibility.
  • They have optimal control over their services
  • They provide the customer with smart operations- like a self-service dashboard, run campaigns, get reports, and analysis.
  • Finacus Solution Pvt. Ltd. (FSPL) WhatsApp Banking provides fully managed solutions for their customers.
  • It enables a Single API system in their online bank software.
  • Finacus Solution Pvt. Ltd. (FSPL) WhatsApp Banking provides you with Opt-in & Opt-out Management for the easy use of the customer.
  • They have a message template technique.
  • Interactive Two-way messaging conversation between the customer and the bank services
  • It provides the consumer with the menu of Core Banking system integration.
  • It also enables keyword-based Auto responses
  • It provides a smart dashboard
  • Rapid deployment

Transaction Performed using WhatsApp Banking Services:

  • It facilitates a balance inquiry.
  • It enables you to look over your mini statement.
  • It permits transaction status.
  • It helps with cheque book connected requests.
  • It enables you to help with debit card-related requests.
  • It enables deposit-related queries.
  • It provides an account statement.
  • Other facilities like fund transfer, Bill Payment (Financial Transaction), etc can be offered if requisite approvals/permissions are available


WhatsApp banking service has become a popular way for both customers and the banks to receive and send vital information regarding transactions and other services. Finacus with its revolutionary products and services is helping in making WhatsApp banking a successful endeavor. Please call us for a free demo to know more about the products and services.

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