How does Two-Factor Authentication work?

With the advancements in technology, the cases of corporate data breaches started rising, and the security of stored information started to get questioned. No matter how many combinations of passwords one tries, the hackers find their way out to the sensitive data. Given that, online thefts are a common thing these days and Two-Factor authentication solutions are the need of the hour. While many people are largely unaware of the working of Two-Factor authentication, let us tell you this solution offers additional security to the accounts and data available online. One needs to input an extra credential while logging in, the access to which belongs only to the person who owns the account.
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What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Basically, Two-Factor Authentication requires the user to input two varying kinds of information for accessing the online account. The computer will be able to provide you with access to the data when it knows who you are based on this factor. To simply put, you need to prove your identity to the computer after inserting your username & password so that the computer allows you to gain access to the data. In the current situation we are seeing so many online frauds due to the static/Single Authentication Process. To prevent this kind of frauds requires an additional security of 2FA. 2FA Service providers are in much demand these days due to the surge in online thefts. A majority of the population no more relies on single-factor authentication for the security of their data.

How does it work?

When the user enters his or her username & password, he or she will be unable to directly get into the system. One needs to provide some kind of additional information to gain access and login into the system. These factors can be:
  • A Personal Identification Number (PIN) or a specific pattern or a password or answer to the questions related to personal information. 
  • Voice or face recognition, fingerprint, handwriting, retina, or DNA scan. 
  • An id card, a token, or a USB stick that the user owns. 
When the user feeds information regarding any of these and saves it, he or she will be able to gain access to the secure data upon inputting username & password.

How to access Two-Factor Authentication?

There are various elements of a Two-Factor Authentication service. Some of these elements are enlisted here.
  • Authentication applications: This element works by using an app to generate a unique code. Upon receiving the code, you must enter it to access your account. In case of network connectivity problems, some apps have backup codes too. 
  • Text message: For this, you need to register your account with a mobile number that you own. You will receive a login code through a text message on the registered number. This is one of the most common ways when it comes to two-factor authentication as you don’t need internet connectivity. 
  • Biometric authentication: This type of authentication works by providing your unique biometric verification to gain access. Some of the common methods for this type of verification are your fingerprint or retina scan to gain access. 

Is 2FA secure?

The simplest answer to the question where 2FA is secure or not is YES! Many people think that a Multifactor Authentication System is not secure. However, that’s not the reality as most of these authentication factors have actually worked in saving online accounts and personal information. These solutions are user-friendly, inexpensive, and easy to use. They keep the information secure if the user puts these factors wisely and remembers the answer to the secret question asked or has access to the mobile number provided.

To wrap up

So far, 2FA systems from the house of Finacus have only worked for the best benefit of the users who are using them. You may request a demo for a 2FA system and reap its rich benefits in the form of secured data. Call Finacus for details!

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