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Hi friends,

Here we are again, and to make things a little fun, let’s have a little questionnaire…..
  1. How many types of banks are there in India?
  2. What is the most recent technology coming in banking industry?
  3. What are the full forms of “NFS” and “PSP”? (hint- this question is not for gamers)
  4. Who makes all the rules regarding the banking softwares used in India?
The answers to these questions shall be posted on monday giving all of you to some time to educate yourselves.
So the topic of discussion today is what do we really do? Do people really need us? Why are we even here??? Are we Robin Hood who helps the common man, or is Finacus just another company which helps rich become rich and deprives the poor of their money?

We here at Finacus Solutions, provide softwares to banks to make their work easier and to enable individuals like you and me easier and simpler banking procedures. This makes sure that scums don’t get away after doing scams..! Our softwares make banking so easy that we can do it from our phones while watching movies also. Here are some softwares with really cool names-

  • FinCORE
  • FinAMLOR
  • FinLUNA
  • FinLEGAL
  • FinINET
  • FinALERT
Stay posted to know more about these cool named softwares and learn about banking.
Also, don’t forget to find out the answers to the quiz given above..! See you soon guys 🙂

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