A Loan Originating System that helps Banks with
excellent support in creation of flawless documentation


Loan Originating System

FinLUNA helps bank in providing Loan originating system with excellent support in creation of flawless documentation and to deliver prompt and effective service to its customers. It caters to both retail and commercial lending scenario and automates all stages of loan origination, management and repayment tracking. Document Management is facilitated with a provision to scan documents and attach them to individual application. It is a flexible web-based system that has the capability of supporting multiple products over a network of various branches and associates of the lending institutions.

Enterprise Solutions Services

Lending is process heavy with many manual processes. Lenders may have to deal with 40 unique documents that span up to 300 pages and data re- entry leads to data duplication, increased error rates, and compliance issues.

Banking Solutions

FinLUNA is a robust, scalable, comprehensive product which results in increased operational efficiency and strong loan management processes. It makes the data meaningful through user-defined flexible reports and analysis. It ensures controls over transaction and data integrity, operational efficiency, risk management and compliance.

Payment Service Provider

  • Automated, fully configurable loan origination process
  • Support different loan products and loan types
  • User defined Dashboard
  • Track performance at various hierarchy levels
  • Document imaging and archiving
  • Auto escalation for deviation in norms
  • Interfacing with credit and risk analysis and MIS systems
  • Integration with core banking system, core accounting systems and various documentation processes
  • Automatic message creation, transmission of letters, e-mails and SMS’s to borrowers
  • Compliance norms can be set and the system can trigger appropriate warnings
  • Multiple security features – encryption, discretion, auditing and passwords
  • Quick turn-around time
  • Diverts resources towards new sales
  • Accelerated decision making process through MIS & Reporting
  • Maximizes productivity due to less human touch points and process bottlenecks
  • Higher customer satisfaction

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