A Better Way To Verify Your Customer

Our advanced Electronic Customer Onboarding Solution offers a modern
video KYC (Know Your Customer) experience developed for banks and
financial institutions. Amid the growing demand for digital transformation
in banking, our solution aims to modernize customer onboarding, ensuring
a seamless and secure experience for all.

Our solution empowers banks to enable customers to digitally upload data and documents, ensuring smooth onboarding. Real-time identity verification, document checks, and biometric authentication through live selfie videos ensure regulatory compliance. This streamlined process enhances customer satisfaction, retention, and boosts operational efficiency, reducing costs for banks and financial institutions.


Zero Contact

Flexible Deployment

100% Compliance
& Security

Geo - Location Capture
and IP Check

Seamless and
interactive UI for live
video interaction

Available on
Desktop & Mobile

Video Recording Storage with Instant Retrieval

OVD & OSV Document

Upgrade your KYC capabilities

Experience the future of KYC verification with our advanced E-Video KYC solution. Leverage the power of Aadhaar-based authentication and live selfie video to authenticate customer identities, ensuring a seamless and secure onboarding process for your bank.

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