Financial Transaction Switch

FinCONNECT serves both as a Financial Transaction Switch for ATMs and a comprehensive card management solution. This solution integrates with the Core Banking System, facilitating card-based transactions (ATM/POS/ECOM).
It provides an adaptable & user-friendly routing solution offering cost-effective and efficient Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT). It interfaces with NPCI’s National Financial Switch, connecting domestic banks to a vast network of ATMs. This comprehensive solution supports various local transactions including balance inquiries, cash withdrawals, funds transfers and more.


Enabled for ATM, Cash Recyclers, POS, MPOS, MicroATMs

Online ATM Monitoring & Configuration

Card Management System

Interface to Payment schemes RuPay, Visa & MasterCard

Enabled for Tap & Pay, NCMC transactions

Supports QR Payments through UPI ICCW & BharatQR at ATM

Stay Ahead Of The Competition

With our expertise in various financial switch environments & a deep understanding of payment application ecosystems, we provide comprehensive support to banks in implementing, integrating, customizing, testing, and maintaining their switching systems.

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