Anti-Money Laundering Solution

FinAMLOR provides an automated solution using a risk-based approach to monitor customer behaviour and identify potential financial fraud by relying on industry best practices and automation to safeguard your business’s reputation.

Financial Software Companies
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It is an all-inclusive Anti-Money Laundering solution, ensuring regulatory compliance, comprehensive reporting, and identifying rule violations.
With advanced features like transaction monitoring, watch list filtering, alert investigation, and more. Combining Data Analytics with Business Intelligence, streamlines due diligence & reporting for banks while adhering to government regulations.


Software as Service Provider

Ability to capture all mandatory customer and related information.

Digital Payment Solution

Capturing capability of citizenship and residency information

Anti-Money Laundering Software Solution

Support for user-defined identification requirements.

Anti-Money Laundering Software Solution

Support for a range of verification options.

AEPS Software Provider

Risk Scoring and Classification.

Banking as a Service Provider

Transaction monitoring

Ensure Regulatory Compliance & Mitigate Risks

Our state-of-the-art software provides you with the tools you need to monitor customer behavior, detect suspicious transactions, and comply with government regulations. Your bank can be rest assured that your institution is protected against the threat of money laundering. Trust FinAMLOR to help you stay ahead of financial crime and maintain a secure financial environment
Banking as a Service Provider

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