Features of Bharat Interface for Money APP

Bharat Interface for Money APP or BHIM app is a unified payment application developed by NPCI or National Payments Corporation of India. This application makes the transfer of funds, especially payments quick, easy, and simple. The platform is based on UPI (Unified Payment Interface). The motive towards introducing such an application was to facilitate electronic payments and encourage cashless transactions amongst the people. The application has been launched in 20 different languages keeping in mind the diversity of the people.

6-Step Registration Process

The registration process for BHIM has been kept simple. Therefore, to enjoy services by Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS), one needs to have the registration done. The following are the steps followed for the same—
  1. Initially, you would have to install the BHIM app post downloading from Google Play Store or Apple Store
  2. Choose your preferred language. There are 20 different languages.
  3. Register your mobile number
  4. Then you would have to add your bank account with the application
  5. You will be asked to set a UPI pin as a part of safety. Ensure that the pin is strong and hard to crack.
  6. Hurray! You are now ready for BBPS payment as well apart from bank account transfer.

More about BBPS

Bharat Bill Pay System is a concept by India’s central bank- Reserve Bank of India, developed by NPCI. The application is known to offer interoperable and all types of bill payment services to consumers via bank channels and through a network of bank branches. The structuring of the app has been to offer BBPS online payment by replacing the existing wallet mode. Also, one of the greatest advantages of BBPS payment is its direct account transfer (from bank to bank) unlike the wallet where one needs to store money.
The following are some of the features associated with the BBPS online payment and the application—
  • Fully Secured & Safe
BHIM app is based on the device ID and hence, each time your device gets changed, it would ask for the device ID apart from SIM ID. Therefore, any kind of BBPS payment can be done only if the device is authenticated. So, from this point of concern, BHIM offers a secured payment/transaction platform.
  • 3-step Verification
It is not only about the mere authorization before any BBPS online payment is done, but also it is about the 3 steps verification which includes UPI PIN for any kind of payment besides authentication of the device ID and SIM ID.
  • Biometric Verification
There is nothing safer than biometric verification and hence, all the BBPS service providers have ensured that there is a biometric verification- finger-based- for any kind of BBPS online payment as a step towards curbing fraudulent transactions.
  • UPI PIN is the Lifeline
If you think that any kind of BBPS payment can be done without UPI PIN, then you are wrong. In BBPS, UPI PIN is needed not only during the opening of the application but also during the transactions. Therefore, that UPI PIN needs to be kept handy.
  • Resetting of PIN is a Tough Nut
Unlike other applications, where resetting of the PIN can be done by clicking on ‘FORGOT PASSWORD’ and an OTP-based verification would be required to change it. In BHIM for changing passwords, one needs to enter the details of the debit card and OTP SMS for authentication. Therefore, resetting the PIN is not at all an easy nut to crack.

Advantages of BBPS

This application was developed as a part of the Digital India initiative and since then, Bharat Bill Pay System has been advantageous in many ways. It has facilitated the easy transfer of money and that too in a jiffy. Unlike net banking where adding a beneficiary is a must before fund transfer, this app allows instant transfer using mobile number, bank account details, or by scanning QR code. Available in more than 20 different languages, it is not mandatory that the person receiving the money should have the BBPS payment platform. Anyone with the account number and IFSC can send money.
BBPS payment is supported at different payment channels. This can be POS, MPOS, mobile banking, internet banking, and on offline channels as well like a bank branch, ATM, etc.


The development of such applications and BBPS online payment platforms has come as a boon in numerous transactions. Without the worry of carrying cash, payment at any kiosk can be done with ease. With companies like Finacus always striving to provide products that are highly secured and are user friendly makes the future of online payments better and more secure.

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