Card Life Cycle Management

A secure, comprehensive and robust card life cycle management system
compliant with regulatory standards and EMV support

Card Life Cycle Management

  • A secure, comprehensive and robust card management system for ATM/Debit cards.
  • Supports magnetic stripe cards, EMV chip cards as well as contactless cards.
  • Single platform for both issuer and acquirer to manage pre-issuance to post-issuance processes of a card's life cycle.
  • Flexible and Scalable to quicken time-to-market any new developments.
  • Authorization settings as per hierarchy for reduced operational risks and maximized security.
  • Multi-currency and Multi-lingual support
  • Functionalities ranging from Registration of cards, Generation of PIN, generation of ASCII files for third party Card Personalization purpose, Link file generation for various ATM routing switch to Card issuance.


  • Built on industry standards and compliances
  • Multi-Institution support
    Has capabilities to handle multiple institutions under single implementation
  • Multi-BIN support
    Allows the bank/institution to add multiple BINs based on their requirement
  • Multi-Branch support
    Allows bank/institution to add multiple branches based on their requirement
  • Enhanced Security
  • PIN generation either through application or HSM
  • PIN, PIN off-set, CVV/CVV2 through HSM (TCP/IP or Serial)
  • Card preparation files (encoding/embossing)
  • EMV chip cards supported
  • 'Maker'/'Checker' option for additional security
  • Highly parameterized making it more dynamic and flexible
  • Bulk Upload Activities
  • Bulk Card Registration
  • Bulk Address Change
  • Bulk Change Card Status
  • Bulk Account Close
  • Bulk Re-issue of Cards
  • Bulk Add-on Cards
  • InstaCards
    A web-based Instant Card Issuance facility that enables bank/institution to issue ATM/Debit Cards 'on the spot' and not to keep their customer waiting as per traditional process. In today's consumer driven market, this feature makes you stand out by increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Customer Support
    24X7 customer support through our toll free number

Functional Architecture defining the Personalized Card Process & Instant Card Process

Key Benefits

  • Faster card processing
    The processing of cards is speeded up as the manual part is eliminated, with the help of this software
  • Pin generation Through HSM
    The software helps generate PIN (personal identification number) production through HSM
  • Reports
    Comprehensive reports can be generated based on activities such as 'Date-wise', Branch-wise' and 'User-wise'
  • Security
    Provides robust internal as well as external security features. Standard password and user-id controls are enforced to adhere to security measures
  • GUI-interface
    User-friendly GUI-interface for ease of use is provided to individual participants
  • Benefits to your customers
    With a flexible Card Management system, your card production tasks are fully in place and regulated. Not only the card production and PIN generation schedules can be met in time, but a reliable service to deliver new cards in time is offered to the cardholders.

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