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5 Features of UPI 2.0

The development of applications has come in handy for people. Now, they do not have to carry hard cash while...

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Enterprise software is computer software, which is used to meet the needs of an organization, instead of individual users.

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Bharat Bill Payment System

Nowadays carrying money around physically has become so outdated. People go around with various credit/debit cards which serves the needful.

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With the growing technology, one more necessity has been added in our lifes- Mobile Phones!! The irony lies in the...

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This software goes hand in hand with FinLUNA. Well, when banks provide loans to their customers they take some security...

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Well, everyone reading this can relate themselves to this post….. since we all have been through the phase:

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We would like to introduce you to the most interesting software today. What makes this software more interesting than others…?

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So here are the elucidations, rejoinder, answers or solutions to the last week’s questionnaire-

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So let’s talk about FinCORE for starters. Since the name itself is self explanatory, it is the core of banking...

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