Banking Software System – Top 4 Features to Look For

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Digital innovations have transformed various industries in the past. One such industry that underwent a huge transformation is the banking sector. To meet the changing demands of the customers, banks had to adapt to transformations swiftly. The banking sector made it a priority to provide customer-first digital service and it paved the way for digital core banking initiatives. If you are planning to up your game today with the best digital software system it is time for you to adopt one with the best features. Here are 4 features that you must look for in a banking services system.
A banking software system will offer a myriad of features and applications. This list is to help you pick out the best based on its features:

Advanced security integration

The banking solution should allow advanced security integration. As banking activities tend to become more and more online, money mismanagement and fraudulent transactions are highly likely to occur at any time. One of the key features that you must focus on in a core banking system is high-priority safety features across all verticals of the banking sector. Options like dual authentication processes and digital identity management make sure tight security is on spot from both the bank and customer sides. The banking software should comply with the latest banking rules and regulations of RBI, NPCI, UIDAI, and IDRBT and support banking at different levels.

Digital management of cash

Day-to-day activities such as deposits, withdrawals, and transfers can be processed digitally without any in-person contact. This makes the regular manual activities highly safe and efficient. As banking activities tend to become more and more online, money mismanagement and fraudulent transactions are something that may occur occasionally. With continuous upgradation of the hardware, the software should extend its support for changes in the future.

Customer onboarding

In the traditional banking system, onboarding is one of the highly complicated tasks considering the factors such as compliance with regulations, making most of the talent etc. with the Video – KYC & Centralised KYC application, you can make customer onboarding less cumbersome and seamless. The software helps in easy verification of the customers right from the processing of applications. The customer onboarding features helps you escape the hassle of endless paperwork and verifications. Customer onboarding feature curbs operation costs spent on customer visits & time spent. The entire process of taking a new customer becomes possible with only a few clicks.

Other features

The banking software systems must also support other processes conducted throughout the day.
  • Loan management
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Integration with new financial products
  • Record maintenance
  • Best safety practices like firewall and DCDR against common software attacks. 
These modules make the daily banking operations much more efficient. It also helps the bank boost customer engagement and generates better revenue. This is because customer engagement and excellent banking experience are the two most important pillars that make any banking experience outstanding.

Bottom line

The online banking sector is about to transform the world of banking. Maximum proficiency and outstanding efficiency are what banks desire and to attain that, hire the best online banking software provider who offer an integrated solution to every problem.

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