ATM / POS / Ecommerce

An interface to provide seamless experience to your customer
through popular delivery channels

ATM / POS / Ecommerce


In an omnichannel environment customers like to interact via the channel of their choice ATMs have evolved as a popular self-service channel chosen by the customers due to convenience of extended hours availability and transacting in a secure branch-like environment. FinCONNECT helps you to establish a true omnichannel experience by integrating and collaborating various channels in the network letting you create a seamless user experience. The added advantage is freeing time of the human resources who can spend more time in building relationships and advising customers. The technology can be extended to Micro-ATMs to extend the reach to unbanked and underbanked population and bring financial inclusion.

'Bank on Wheels' by Odisha State Co-op Bank, Odisha, India – Case Study


Payment is the last mile of a buying decision and plays a big role in customer convenience. It needs to be valued in the same way as the rest of your customer experience. Today, mobility has influence on every step of the shopping experience and touch every part of the value chain. E-Wallets, EMV ready POS, Tablet POS and m-POS are trending payment options in the marketplace which the customer expects as a part of financial services bundle. FinCONNECT integrates your offerings with these channels and makes you market ready. Moreover, it is PCI compliant and has operational processes and practices which breeds proactive approach to data security.


The worldwide expansion of the internet has considerably contributed to the transformation of trade and store transactions.With large number of businesses going online, e-commerce is indispensable for all groups of customers. Mobile commerce growth is another exciting trend to watch considering the popularity and widespread use of smartphones and growing usage of tablets. Both e-commerce and m-commerce are showing triple digit growth year on year and has impeccable impact on payments. FinCONNECT enables your consumers to complete majority of their shopping journeys via multiple devices giving you a competitive edge in the industry.