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“Join the growing list of confident and trusted local and overseas banks who
rely on Finacus products for their diversified needs.”

Why Finacus ?

Our solutions and the ability to demystify banking
processes and simplifying fintech adds great value to the
financial world.

AEPS Software Provider

Enterprise Solution


End-To-End Core Banking Solution

Ensure your bank’s needs are met with fully integrated modules. You can reduce manual efforts while boosting efficiency with our solution, which optimizes workflows and processes.
Anti-Money Laundering Software Solution
Mobile Banking Software Company


hassle-free Loan Origination & Management Solution

With our technology, we streamline every phase of loan origination and management for financial institutions. Our solution is adept at accommodating numerous loan products across diverse portfolios.


Legal Recovery Solution

The solution we provide assists banks and financial institutions in monitoring & tracking Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) by providing alerts to prevent these loans from becoming NPAs.
Banking as a Service Provider
Software as Service Provider


Anti-Money Laundering Solution

Banks can monitor transactions using intelligent detection tools, watch list filtering, alerts investigation, regulatory reporting, and management reporting. Designed to comply with government regulations and conduct due diligence effectively.

digital banking


Financial Transaction Switch

We deliver a seamless integration between our solution and core banking systems, enabling card-based transactions across ATMs, POS systems, and ECOMs.
Online Mobile Banking Software Services
Payment Service Provider


Bank on the go

Mobile payment switch that enables customers to manage their finances from any location with ease and elevates the customer experience.


Online Banking Solution

Our user-friendly internet banking solution empowers banks to enrich their customers’ banking journey. It enables bank customers to seamlessly perform online transactions, and manage their bank accounts.
AEPS Software Provider
Banking Solutions


Real-Time Payment Solution

A Finacus UPI platform offers users a universal mobile interface, as well as an API interface directly connected to NPCI. A streamlined and dependable payment alternative, utilizing virtual addresses for seamless money transfers.


Bill Payment Interface

A centralized and interoperable solution that connects with Bharat BillPay enabling customers to securely pay various utility bills, like electricity, water, gas, telephone, etc. and recharges
Digital Payment Solution
Banking Software Company


Fund Transfers using Aadhaar

An Aadhaar based payment solution that connects with NPCI’s AEPS, enabling transfers between bank accounts using Aadhaar enabled devices. The application is hosted within the bank’s financial transaction switch, integrated with their Core Banking System.


A Better Way To Verify Your Customer

Achieve a fully digitalized customer onboarding process enabling banks to instantly complete Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures through Aadhaar-based authentication and using advanced facial recognition technology
Enterprise Solutions Services
Anti-Money Laundering Software Solution

WhatsApp Banking Assistant

Banking Services on WhatsApp

Deliver personalized support & banking services to customers on the familiar interface of WhatsApp using the WhatsApp Business API. This API organizes daily operations such as providing balance summaries, transaction histories, facilitating money transfers.


Certified TSP for AA

Our TSP solution for the Account Aggregator (AA) ecosystem facilitates seamless integration for Financial Information Users (FIU) & Financial Information Providers (FIP) to the AA ecosystem.
Card Life Cycle Management Services

Writing the Growth Story of Banks!

Finacus Solutions is one of the leading Digital Banking solutions providers which has been offering its solutions for over 15+ years to 150+ local and overseas Banks.
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